Friday December 14, 2018

Democracy is in chaos! All over the world the West is in trouble! Many Western countries are looking globalism in the face while their people are resorting to tribalism. Meanwhile in America, Michael Cohen claims that he is now coming clean and is spilling the tea on President Donald J. Trump. Another exciting installment of The Specialist Radio Hour.

Thursday December 13, 2018

Today The Specialist says that it is very chilling to think that anyone would want to control the freedom of speech. Ted Lieu, a Democratic politician from California wants to do just that! Chris talks about the interview that this elected official did on CNN where he says that he would “love to control speech”. On Main Street USA we had Philip Wilson from the Book Bin stop by and share books on the meaning of Christmas. He also reads an excerpt from local author Karen Foley’s book, “Santa’s Sick of Cookies”. An informative but fun morning!

Wednesday December 12, 2018

As The Specialist awaits the sentencing of Michael Cohen he discusses the government shutdown. President Trump says he would be proud to shut down the government if the Democrats don’t give him the money for the wall. Chris slams the Democrats, like the President did yesterday, and gives reasons as to how a shutdown wouldn’t be so bad. In breaking news, the migrants in the caravan at the border are demanding 50k each to go home. Listen in as The Specialist has a good laugh.

Tuesday December 11, 2018

There is so much going on in the world but Americans are concerned with homework! Today, The Specialist poses the question, is homework necessary? He also talks about the Supreme Court siding with Planned Parenthood, “the oldest profession in the world” and brings breaking news of the President meeting with Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer, to avoid a government shutdown.

Monday December 10, 2018

With names like Heather Nauert, John Kelly, Comey, Cohen and Manafort, The Specialist says that the news was popping this past weekend! He then brings breaking news from England where Prime Minister, Teresa Mays, abruptly pulls her vote on the Brexit deal, which may throw it all into the unknown. Listen in to this episode now as Chris gives his take on these stories and much more.

Friday December 7, 2018

On this National Day of Remembrance for the atrocious bombings at Pearl Harbor, Chris shares facts on the “day that will live in infamy”. With that being said, there are hot spots almost everywhere in the world right now. The Specialist says that the world is in a troubling place and we could be in the beginning stages of WWIII and just picking teams. In other big events, Trump plays musical chairs with his cabinet and Mueller may reveal important information regarding the Trump probe.

Thursday December 6, 2018

Tune in today as The Specialist hits many different topics from around the nation. As the last funeral for Bush 41 commences, Chris talks about the cost effectiveness of the penny, porn censorship at universities, the 2020 election possibly being the most violent in history and the stock market being down more than 1500 points. Listen now for your daily fix of The Specialist Radio Hour.

Wednesday December 5, 2018

The Specialist has a message for the Catholic Church and makes a phone call to prove it! A church in Massachusetts has made a very grave statement in their nativity scene by placing baby Jesus in a cage with a sign above saying “Deportation”. Has the Catholic Church become the Catholic Church for the left or all Catholics? During a break, Chris makes a call to Father Steve at the church and wants to know why they didn’t do this during Obama’s term and he further inquires from Father Steve of why last year’s nativity scene was about gun control. Listen in to hear their answer and much more.

Tuesday December 4, 2018

The “devil is always in the details” is what The Specialist explains about the running proposals from the new progressive Democratic party. They want to give us the whole world for free but at what cost? They will try and pound this into our heads for the next 2 years, is your soul for sale? Listen now before you pay the ultimate price.

Monday December 3, 2018

Today The Specialist begins the show on a somber note with the news of the death of former President George H.W. Bush over the weekend. He then takes you around the globe and touches on the riots in Paris, President Trump meeting with the President of China, Denmark banishing foreign criminals and many other stories. Meanwhile in America, Chris brings us recent studies that show a new addiction…outrage! So what is that all about? Tune in to find out.