Friday August 10, 2018

Another wacky Friday and Chris is hitting all topics, as usual. 88 days till midterm elections, Omarosa’s book, “Unhinged”, sounds more like an autobiography than a book about President Trump, and the NFL fails the country again with its stance on the National Anthem protests. Main Street USA guest, Mandy Mears, a multiple business owner in town gives a fantastic interview.

Thursday August 9, 2018

Another epic three hour discussion with one of America’s greatest naval leaders, retired Commodore Kenny Golden. A must listen, as always with these two.

Tuesday August 7, 2018

Focusing his sights on the obesity and opioid epidemics in the US, Chris fires away at gluttony amongst Americans and Big Pharmaceutical companies, aka legal drug dealers. An empowering interview with Main Street USA guest, Linda Baylis Spence from the ANPC.

Monday August 6, 2018

Americans don’t know the first amendment from their elbow, Venezuela is in the toilet because of inflation, and many other topics today on “The Specialist Radio Hour.”

Friday August 3, 2018

“The Specialist” had fun on wacky Friday, mixing a lot of humor with some interesting facts from happenings around the globe.

Thursday August 2, 2018

Chris gives the pros and cons of electronic voting machines and how susceptible to tampering they are. As voting season kicks off and debates and forums happen often, “The Specialist” shares the life of a candidate, as well as a moderator, in these interesting times.

Wednesday August 1, 2018

Today “The Specialist” tells us all about ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and The Alt Left and what they stand for and support, or don’t for that matter. Main Street USA guest Nathaniel “Nate” Nock from Barber Shop Swag and Beauty Salon, LLC gives a heartfelt interview with wonderful advice for aspiring young business people.

Tuesday July 31, 2018

“The Specialist” reminds everybody the importance of taking these next weeks and getting prepared to vote. Chris shows why and how the midterm election is the most important election of their lifetime. And a wonderful interview with Rear Admiral Fred Metz on this episode of “The Specialist Radio Hour.”

Monday July 30, 2018

A fun day today as Chris breaks down, as only he can, a wide range of topics, from the serious to the absurd on “The Specialist Radio Hour.”

Friday July 27, 2018

Today we’re wrapping up our four part series on Israeli/Palestinian education with the one and only Frank Young, our official Israeli correspondent, as he joins rarefied air of being one of only two people to ever be extended for an extra hour on his intriguing interview. You won’t want to miss this installment of “The Specialist Radio Hour.”