Wednesday May 30, 2018

Today “The Specialist” was angry. He let it be known in no uncertain terms to live in America you should be proud of America or “get out.” Celebrities and politicians make their money in this great country and then bash it; Chris can take no more of this hypocrisy and held back no punches in today’s episode of “The Specialist Radio Hour”.

Tuesday May 29, 2018

“The Specialist” spends today’s show teaching the differences between Republican and Democrat, Capitalism vs. Socialism, Red as opposed to blue states; Chris attempts to forge an understanding on ideology in all subjects that make each party different so we can all be Americans first. If you’ve ever been confused between the major leaning points in our bipartisan system, you don’t want to miss this episode of “The Specialist Radio Hour.”

Monday May 28, 2018

In a very moving and at times emotional Memorial Day tribute, Chris, a veteran himself, takes the time to remember those fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy America the way we do. “The Specialist” gives an education like only he can about the meaning and history of this very special holiday.

Thursday May 24, 2018

Today Chris tells you what he thinks of the NFL banning kneeling during the national anthem, President Trump cancels the Singapore summit with North and South Korea, and “The Specialist” gives his number one reason for the increase of school shootings and the uprising of gun violence in our country… do you remember his discussion on “The Four Pillars of a Successful Society”?

Wednesday May 23, 2018

Today “The Specialist” hosts a radio personality ’round the globe discussion featuring retired Naval Commodore and former congressional candidate, Kenny Golden and owner of Little Italy, unofficial chairman of the Republican Party and true American patriot, Franco Nocera. Chris and his two fellow radio show hosts chime in on the crisis in the Middle East, US Military preparedness, the Mueller Investigation and much much more. No topic is safe when these three get together. A DO NOT miss episode of “The Specialist Radio Hour.”

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Chris notes the Amish and how they use us as guinea pigs to observe technology in use before allowing the implementation into their own society. And all you’ve wanted to know but were afraid to ask about fracking and offshore drilling today on “The Specialist Radio Hour.”

Monday May 21, 2018

On today’s show Chris gives his thoughts on The Royal Wedding vs Al Sharpton, Oliver North as the new President of the NRA and lots of new developments in the Mueller investigation. Tune in to hear how “The Specialist” breaks all these down and more.

Friday May 18, 2018

It’s wacky Friday so Chris answers some emails and puts active shooters, Planned Parenthood, Syria, and many other targets in his scope. Listen in as “The Specialist” fires truth at a variety of topics.

Thursday May 17, 2018

Chris talks racism in Starbucks again, even prior to their racial sensitivity training, which according to Chris in itself is blatant racism. Another school shooting, but this time the resource officer got it right but did the active shooter’s mother get it very wrong? Globalization ends today’s show as “The Specialist” defines and picks apart the policies and the ultimate cost to you.

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Today on “The Specialist Radio Hour” Chris picks apart the Mexican Constitution’s immigration policies, discusses 20 liberal hypocrisies, and tells us how he’d “drain the swamp.”